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Technical knowledges & human souvenirs about of analogue film practise resulting from the project RE MI

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REMI - Issue #1: Re-Engineering The Moving Image

The artist-run film lab makers manual!

In an era of perpetual technological change, photochemical film practice is largely considered a trhing of the past. But a vibrant community of artists, globally dispersed but united through a shared passion, on the margins is sustaining an art form whose material properties and distinct mechanical processes cannot be replicated by digital means.

That vibrant energy totally emanates from the 48 full-colour pages that qua style fits somewhere between a TV-guide and a fanzine. It holds stories about rescued and restored vintage optical printers and contact printers, reports and announcements of lucid workshops, recipes and methods for handmade photo-emulsion, subbing layers, for building a digital sound sync unit for 16mm projectors… a whole new world of knowledge and experiment is being revealed – or, if you’re already in the know, deepened and consolidated.

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