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Technical knowledges & human souvenirs about of analogue film practise resulting from the project RE MI

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Documenting Bains Argentiques

Nantes's Film labs meeting. Informations about the event can be found on Mire's website.

Here we document discussions, workshops and activities done during the film labs meeting.


Plenary Meetings


The Future of working with film

Monday 4th July 2016, 14:00
Moderation : Josh Lewis, Negative lab, Us

Network Organisation

Monday 4th July 2016 - 16:00
Moderator : Richard Tuohy, Nanolab, Australia

Practical matters : cheap film, access to equipment, exchange platform…

Lab structure & sustainability

Monday 4th July 2016
Moderation : Pip Chodorov (Re- voir, Fr / Space cell, South Korea) + Douglas Urbank (Agx Film Collective, Us).

Speaking about structuration. Exchange New/ older labs.

Notes by Douglas Urbank

Film labs network & archival world

Wednesday 6th - 11:00 - 13:00
with Tiago Ganhão, technician at the lab from ANIM - Cinemateca Portugesa, Lisbon
Moderation: Nicolas Rey, L'abominable, La Courneuve, France

Hot Stuff

Wednesday 6th July 2016- 12:40-13:00
Moderation : Nicolas Rey (L'abominable, Fr)

Items in danger of rapid extinction, current and urgent concerns about film : making own stock, laser undertitles etc…

Evolution of website & ressources on the web

moderation : Nicolas Rey, Fred Piet (L'abominable, Fr), Maxime Fuhrer (Labo bxl, be)

Notes and Compte-rendu

Analogue in the digital era - public roundtable

Thursday 7th July 2016- 15:00
Speakers : Kim Knowles (BEEF, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Aberystwyth University, Uk), Katia Rossini (Cinéma Nova,, Be) , Adriana Vila (Craterlab, Esp) , Nicolas Rey (L'abominable, Fr), Richard Tuohy (Nanolab, Aus)

How to organize a filmlabsmeeting. How's next?

Friday 9th July 11:00
Speakers : Aurélie Percevault & Carole Thibaud (Mire, Nantes)

Undocumented Discussions (yet)

  • Equipment exchange in the network \\Moderation : Nadine Taschler (Filmcoop Wien, Aut)
  • Women group discussion
    Moderator : Frédérique Menant (Etna, Fr)
  • Film in community (Educating the public)
    Moderator : Ryder White (Iris Film Collective, Can)
  • Visit Platforme C
  • Chemical sharing
    Moderator : Rebecca Erin Moran ( Kinosmidja, Isl)
  • Children books about photo-chemical filmmaking \\Moderator : Alex Moralesovà (Labodoble, CZ)


Bolex camera as a contact printer

Instructor : Richard Tuohy

Notes & videos

Labs presentation

Moderators: Carole Thibaud (Mire, France), Nicolas Rey (L'abominable, France)

A “speed dating” presentation for each one of the 50 present labs.

Part 1 :

Part 2 :

Handmade Emulsion

Wednesday 6th July 2016 14:30
Speakers : Esther Urlus (Filmwerkplaats, Rotterdam), Robert Schaller (Handmade Film Institute, Ward), Maxime Fuhrer (Labo BXL, Brussels) , Lindsay McEntyre (FAVA, Edmonton), Kevin Rice (Process Reversal, Denver), Etienne Caire (MTK, Grenoble)

Crossed presentation about the ongoing research on the hand made emulsion by participants to the Handmade Emulsion Primitive Colour Seminar at Filmwerkplaats, Rotterdam (part of RE MI project) + participants to the “Maddox 4” in MTK, Grenoble

DIY equipment : D-to-A printer

Instructor : Nan Wang (Filmwerkplaats, Rotterdam, Nl)

Using lights from smart phone screen to print on 16mm.

Notes and more

Undocumented presentations

  • Technical basic checking of projectors
    Instructors : Ethan Berry (Anyeye, Us) , Richard Tuohy (Nanolab, Aus)
  • Lomo tanks for beginners
    Instructor : Richard Tuohy (Nanolab, Aus)
  • Optical and digital soud in projection
    Speakers : Laura Major (Colorlab , Us) and Nicolas Rey (L'abominable, Fr)
  • DIY Equipment
    Moderation : Richard Tuohy


Laser printing on film

Monday 4th July 2016
Instructor : Roger Beebe (Ohio state university, USA)

Notes and more

Undocumented workshops

  • Reconditioning Super8 cartridges
    Instructors : Tomaz Burlin (Etna, Fr) & Andrea Saggiomo (Ark film lab, Fr)
  • Super8 camera as contact printer
    Instructor : Stéphane Racine (Mire, Fr)
  • B&W Flat-print
    Instructor : Etienne Caire (MTK, Fr)
    cheap “copy” with b&w print stock
  • Contact printing for beginners
    Instructors : Richard Tuohy (Nanolab, Aus) + Stéphane Racine (Mire, Fr)
  • Color cross processing \\Instructor : Gustavo Jahn (LaborBerlin, Ge)
  • Color cross processing (Negativ as Reversal)
    Instructor : Steve Cossman (Mono No Aware, Us)
  • “Eco” processing \\Instructors : Jacqui Knight and Joanna Mayes (Cinestar, Uk)
  • Cleanning a splicer \\Instructor : Dianna Barrie (Nanolab, Aus)
  • Kodachrome 40 processing as B&W in C4
    Instructor : l'Etna (Fr) - tomaz
  • Color flat-print
    Instructor : Joyce Lainé (MTK, Fr)
    cheap “copy” with color print stock
  • Fast Hand Made Emulsion
    Instructor : Lindsay Mc Intyre (FAVA, Can)

Open screens

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