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Workshop Alternative emulsions with Esther Urlus

3 & 4 june 2017, at Mire, Nantes

During this workshop, we prepared two ancient iron emulsions mostly used in photography, Cyanotype and Van Dyke brown, that we coated on 16 mm films strips thanks to the addition of gelatine to the recipes. These emulsions are sensitive to UV light and are processed just by rinsing with water.

CYANOTYPE ( for about 100ml)

  • Green Ferric ammonium citrate 13,6g
  • Potassium Ferricyanide 4,6g
  • Oxalic acid 0,5g
  • Water 100ml
  • Gelatin 13,12


  • Green ferric ammonium citrate 9g
  • Tartaric acid 1,5g
  • Silver Nitrate 3,8g
  • Water 100 ml
  • Gelatin 13,12

We coated the 16mm film strips (fixed BW raw print stock or fixed exposed BW stock) with the preparation usinf either brushes, sponges or the “madbox”. We tried the rayogramme technique with different items (plants, cloth, rice…)and “contact printing” putting exposed film strips emulsion side against the emulsioned film strip with a glass plate on it.

Results can be seen here:

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