~ 15.04.2016
Masterclass – Using and reusing Crass Animation Equipment

This hands-on master class will focus on the Crass animation-stand at LaborBerlin. It will deal with the traditional usage and maintenance of the equipment, as well as with analog to digital and digital to analog transfer techniques.
Crass was a West-Berlin based company for animation equipment. Until the early 1990s they developed relatively light, precise, and robust cameras and projectors for optical printing and animation stands. They were something like the low budget version of the Nielson-Hordell, Mitchell or Oxberry.
The animation-stand was mainly used for traditional drawn-animation, silhouette-films, laid animation and film titles. It can run forwards and backwards, usually has three exposure-speeds (1/2,… Continue reading Masterclass – Using and reusing Crass Animation Equipment

~ 16.10.2016
the Oxberry Optical Printer | Masterclass

A masterclass focused on the re-engineering of analog film devices, particularly the Oxberry Optical Printer – its handling, maintenance and possibility of being modified. The objective is to strengthen the network of technicians and artists connected to Filmwerkplaats Rotterdam who are interested in the technical aspects of the Oxberry Optical Printer. Aiming further on, to design a new control program for the Oxberry 1200 model.
How to make this sophisticated tools of yesteryear future-proof and fit to the contemporary demands of analog filmmakers?
A hands-on workshop will follow the masterclass, taking place later this year, open to the public. Participants will then learn a wide array of filmmaking tools that the Oxberry Optical Printer offers.… Continue reading the Oxberry Optical Printer | Masterclass

~ 16.12.2016
Masterclass Debrie Tipro

Instructors Franco Bosco and Rafael Marques from ANIM, from the laboratory of the Cinemateca Portugesa, with 7 members of Mire and LaborBerlin
This master class is dedicated to the beautiful and impressive machine housed in Mire’s lab, the Debrie Tipro printer.
This mechanical gem, manufactured in the 60’s by the French firm of André Debrie, is a step printer for black and white film. Its basic function is to print both 16mm copies from a 16mm original negative by contact or reduce a 35mm original to a 16mm format by an optical process.
In Mires’ lab, the Debrie Tipro has been so far used or lovingly « misused » in various ways (« creative » colour prints using filters –… Continue reading Masterclass Debrie Tipro