~ 26.06.2016
Screening: Handmade Emulsion Primitive Colour

From accidental narratives to the use of historical emulsion techniques and early colour systems, this screening program encompasses recent analogue works by the participants of the Handmade Emulsion Primitive Colour Project.
Including films and expanded cinema performances by: Robert Schaller (USA), OJOBOCA (DE), Lindsay McIntyre (CAN), Alex MacKenzie (CAN), Josh Lewis (USA) and Esther Urlus (NL).
● Chamber Cinema Set (16mm | 15 min | expanded* | 2016) Mono Duo & Robert Schaller
● Konrad & Kurfurst (16mm | 7 min | 2014) – Esther Urlus
● In the Backyarden (16mm | 4 min 53 s | 2015) –… Continue reading Screening: Handmade Emulsion Primitive Colour

Oxberrian Motion

Constructions of composite crazy, analogue visual effects on film.
The erratic movement of analogue imagery, as a result of discontinuous visual effects. Oxberrian motion is a bombardment of fun from re-photography.
A film programme compiled and presented by Rebecca Erin Moran.
• Tango, Zbigniew Rybczynski / 1980 / 35mm / 8:14 / color / sound
• Saugus Series, Pat O’Neill / 1974 / 16mm / 18:00 / color / sound
• Fluke, Emily Breer / 1985 /16mm / 7:00 / color / sound
• Earth of Delightful Gardening, Francien Van Everdingen / 2009 / 35mm / 6min
• Place Mattes,… Continue reading Oxberrian Motion

Screening | Johann Lurf

Filmwerkplaats presents on the 7 December, a screening dedicated to the work of our current REMI artist-in-residence Johann Lurf; Artist-filmmaker, using the moving image to analyse and restructure space and film. His practice involves observational and documentary filmmaking especially in the field of structural film, as well as an approach to found footage which is strongly oriented on filmic language itself.
Born in 1982 in Vienna Johann Lurf has studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and the Slade School of Art in London. He graduated from Harun Farocki’s film class in 2009, has received the State Grant of Austria for Video and Media Art and participated in the Artist-in-Residence Programs at the MAK Center for Arts and Architecture in Los Angeles 2011,… Continue reading Screening | Johann Lurf

~ 15.12.2016
Initial Screening: the mechanics of copy

With Franco Bosco and Rafael Marques from ANIM, laboratory of the Cinemateca Portugesa.
This screening announces the public opening of the Debrie Contact Printer program.
As well as a resource for the Debrie Printer Master class students, this screening is a way to introduce the machine to a broader audience.
This screening will include a presentation of the Debrie Program Printer and a range of films exploring the creative opportunities opened up to the filmmakers by giving them access to coping machine.
– BUILDING UP AND DEMOLISHING THE STAR THEATRE Frederick S.… Continue reading Initial Screening: the mechanics of copy

Screening Els Van Riel

During her three weeks residency on the Debrie Contact Printer in Mire, Nantes, Els Van Riel invites us on the 31st of August to discover her work and some films of her choice.

The screening programme will combine three films of her own, including the very recent “Fugue, a light’s travelogue” that has lately been premiered at the Media City Festival and three by key figures of the structuralist film, the american Standish Lawder and the english Guy Sherwin.

A rare opportunity to meet the artist and to discover wonderful films.… Continue reading Screening Els Van Riel