the Oxberry Optical Printer | Masterclass

13.10.16 - 16.10.2016

A masterclass focused on the re-engineering of analog film devices, particularly the Oxberry Optical Printer – its handling, maintenance and possibility of being modified. The objective is to strengthen the network of technicians and artists connected to Filmwerkplaats Rotterdam who are interested in the technical aspects of the Oxberry Optical Printer. Aiming further on, to design a new control program for the Oxberry 1200 model.

How to make this sophisticated tools of yesteryear future-proof and fit to the contemporary demands of analog filmmakers?

A hands-on workshop will follow the masterclass, taking place later this year, open to the public. Participants will then learn a wide array of filmmaking tools that the Oxberry Optical Printer offers.


Simon Lund
Director of technical operations at Cineric in NYC, a motion picture equipment services Inc. with a focus on digital technology development. The worldwide specialist in redesigning optical printers.

James Rubery

Specialist on analog electronics on the old-fashioned way. Restorations, repairs and replacements. Previously connected to CEM: Centre for Electronic Music and the Institute for electronic-and electro-acoustic music and research in Amsterdam.

Rebecca Erin Moran

Filmwerkplaats member, addicted to the work created on the Oxberry and on working with it herself. Recently dedicated her residency at LIFT Toronto to their Oxberry Optical Printer.

Bart Koppe

Filmwerkplaats member, media artist with a special interest in internet related art installations, experienced system administrator and computer repairer.

The masterclass is open to Filmwerkplaats Rotterdam members.