We are three European non-profit organizations active in the field of experimental and independent cinema. We are the result of artists coming together to explore the possibilities of celluloid film in independent and collective labs where one can have complete control over each step in the production of a film.

mire_logoMIRE NANTES, France

Mire is a non-profit organization dedicated to experimental cinema and moving image. Mire organizes screenings and expanded cinema events, houses a cinematographic laboratory and creates cultural activities in public spaces.

laborberlin_logoLABORBERLIN BERLIN, Germany

LaborBerlin is a a non-profit, independent film lab dedicated to exploring different alternatives for the preservation and ongoing use of analog film technologies.

worm-filmwerkplaats_logoWORM.FILMWERKPLAATS ROTTERDAM, Netherlands

WORM.Filmwerkplaats is an artist run work-space dedicated to motion picture film as an artistic, expressive medium.

With the project RE MI we want to unite our skills and experience to strengthen the creative tools we provide to local and international artists. As we are part of a whole, this project is also an opportunity to reinforce the Filmlabs Network and give more visibility to the community of experimental cinema, which works for the sustainability of this rare medium.

Similar organisations are welcome to share their thoughts and help the project by participating in the events or by organizing screenings and workshops with the artists, which we will invite for tours etc..