Pilot Residency – Crass Animation Stand

10.07.16 - 10.08.2016

LaborBerlin is proud to announce Andrew Kim as our first Artist-in-residence. Within the RE-Mi project, LaborBerlin has initiated activities to develop the use of its Crass animation stand by collecting and sharing the available knowledge around its many uses and capabilities. These activities include a technical Masterclass taught by Lutz Garmsen, an expert on the machine, and internal workshops by the attendees to spread the knowledge gained in the class.  With the residency we will have one visiting artist take advantage of this newfound knowledge and further explore the machine’s artistic possibilities by creating a new film.

As a compliment to his production work Andrew will also lead a workshop and present two screenings which will feature his own films and a selection of films made by fellow Los Angeles based filmmakers:

July 15, 7pm – Frame, Re-Frame at Arsenal

July 24, 8pm – Oracles at Light Movement

Andrew Kim is an experimental filmmaker whose work is inspired by the material properties of cinema and its unique ability to exemplify abstract ideas and ineffable feelings. Combining formal experimentation with a concern for the phenomenology of the cinematic experience, Andrew’s films are an attempt to understand the movement of the mind. Ultimately, his films attempt to transcend the exact mechanics of motion pictures such that a film might articulate a new kind of knowledge.

His films have screened at a variety of venues and festivals including the Ann Arbor Film Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Festival du Nouveau Cinema (Montreal), Images Festival (Toronto), BAFICI (Buenos Aries), UnionDocs, and Los Angeles Filmforum, among others. Andrew lives in Los Angeles, California. There he is a staff member at the Echo Park Film Center and teaches film production at the California Institute of the Arts.

He will be in Berlin from July 10 until August 10.