Symposium: Handmade Emulsion Primitive Colour

In this symposium we will discuss and show the state-of-the-art on handmade emulsion and primitive colour and the current situation of motion picture film as a tool for artist-filmmakers. Experts on early colour systems and processes will refer to what filmmakers could learn, and take benefit of, from the pioneers in this field.
Its focus centres on the scientific and artistic research of the forgotten, abandoned and unexplored areas of the photochemical processes used in early colour films. By researching into early cinema publications and documents, contemporary filmmakers are able to discover a wide range of processes that have been abandoned in their primitive stages of development,… Continue reading Symposium: Handmade Emulsion Primitive Colour

~ 22.10.2017
Film in the Present Tense

Film in the Present Tense
International Symposium on Current Developments in Analog Film Culture
October 20 – 22 2017, Berlin
In spite of claims of its obsolescence, analog film is still alive. It continues to exist as an inimitable artistic medium, put to use in myriad forms around the world. Nonetheless, in the context of our ever-expanding digital landscape, analog film faces new challenges that have forced it into a process of deep transformation. What steps do we need to take to guarantee that analog film will remain as a living-breathing medium? What are the alternatives to the idea of film as an obsolete,… Continue reading Film in the Present Tense