Questionnaire Expanded Cinema

We want to research what problems and difficulties film labs and individual makers are facing concerning the production and showing/performing of live analogue film (aka expanded cinema) work.


  • What are your main difficulties when trying to exhibit expanded cinema?
  • What tools and devices would you need to technically support expanded cinema exhibition?
  • Can you provide a space to show expanded cinema projects?
  • Do you have space to rehearse, or space for residencies so artists/filmmakers can work on expanded cinema projects?
  • What would you want a space of this type to look like?


  • What problems have you encountered with the presentation of your expanded cinema projects?
  • What is the minimum technical support a space should provide regarding expanded cinema performances?
  • Where and how do you practice/ try-out spatial expanded cinema projects?

Tools & devices (for production & performing)

One part of the project will be that each of the partners will start a research trajectory to re-engineer (or upcycle/re-invent) mechanical devices needed in a contemporary analogue (expanded) film art practice. Combining old and new technology to form new analogue/photochemical cinema-projection and production-tools.

  • What tools are you missing concerning an analogue expanded cinema practice?
  • Are you able to create your own tools/devices (and if so, are you willing to share your findings)?
  • What tools have you created for the production of expanded cinema? What were the main difficulties in their production?


Please feel free to add any function you would like to have to the list of devices below.

  • Projection device : To build a new portable 16mm projector with a digital open source control that fits the needs of artists.
    Functions needed: portable and lightweight, variable speed, variable light intensity, looping mechanism, digital sound synch.
    Suggestions :

  • Contact printing device : To re-engineer a simple contact printer, with a high potential to Make it Yourself. To make the art and use of contact printing of motion picture film easily accessible to small/starting artist-run film labs and individuals.
    Functions needed: portable, cheap, easy to run and operate, possible to extend (RGB) light functions.
    Suggestions :

  • Sound device : To teach and make available unique sound devices as well as some technical tricks that can be used for expanded cinema performances.
    Functions needed : Light and sound interfaces (ex. eurorack synth).
    Suggestions :

  • Looping device : To create a smooth running 16mm looper for minimal 6 min of film, make this an accessible Make it Yourself system, open source

    Functions needed :

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