Workshop tour – Knowing what to do, knowing how to do it! – Sensitometry, densitometry: a bit of theory, but not too much !

04.11.17 - 05.11.2017

Sensitometry and Densitometry: a bit of theory but not too much!
Discover the fundamental principles that will allow you to explore the inherent properties of B&W emulsions and processes.
A 16 mm workshop where you can explore theoretical elements, issued from science and the skills the use of sensitometry and densitometry.

“Sensitometry is the scientific study of light-sensitive materials” Wikipédia

“Densitometry is the quantitative measurement of optical density in light-sensitive materials, such as photographic paper or photographic film, due to exposure to light. Optical density is a result of the darkness of a developed picture and can be expressed absolutely as the number of dark spots (i.e., silver grains in developed films) in a given area, but usually it is a relative value, expressed in a scale.” Wikipédia

By becoming familiar with these concepts, this will help you to optimise your shooting and processing and so gain time with tests and give you more controlling of your images.
This improved knowledge of appropriate methods and techniques will also open up the possibility of understanding and let you work beyond the limits, leading to greater experimentation.

The 2-day programme:

  • Definition and principles (sensitometry, densitometry, curve, latitude…)
  • Measure and exposure (incidental light, reflected light, zone…)
  • Shooting a grey scale on B&W negative, sound negative
  • Processing (standard, pushed, pulled, crossed…)
  • Printing tests on B&W print stock, standard processing
  • Measures and comparisons
  • Methods for creating titles and credits
  • Choice of emulsion and type of process, according to tests
  • Shooting from cardboard, paper and screen supports
  • Processing and printing of titles and credits

Instructor:  Guillaume Mazloum, an active member of the artist run film labs l’Abominable and l’Etna.
Participants: 6-8
Schedule : Saturday 11:00-19:00 / Sunday 10:00-18:00