Workshop tour – Knowing what to do, knowing how to do it ! – Contact Printing in COLOR

13.10.17 - 15.10.2017

The Filmwerkplaats will host a “Contact Printing in COLOR ” workshop led by the film industry expert Paolo Bernardini. Paolo is a lab technician from the official photochemical film restoration lab connected to the Cinemateca Portuguesa. He will share all his knowledge about the color printing process, hands-on in our Filmwerkplaats lab.

Understanding the correct Lab process in printing offers both a means to create color correct screening copies, or a means to use printing techniques to create an experimental result.

The workshop covers:

How to make a professional lab quality color print.
How to use lady strips and a densitometer to support the proper printing process.
How to use the color analyser for color grading
How to use correction filters to color balance your print.
How to make a work print from color negative.
How to make a color positive release print from a b/w negative.
How to make an internegative and release print.
How to create Desmet color from b/w material with single color.

more info:
*Please note that this workshop requires some film and print experience.*