The projector as instrument by Floris Vanhoof

04.01.16 - 06.01.2016

An immediate form of image and sound creation, playing with the possibilities of film projectors, taking advantage of the mechanics of machines in film performances, discovering what you can do when you have several film projectors running together.

Multi-projector performances allow artist-filmmakers the possibilities to expand their world of light-pictorial techniques. With customised 16mm projectors, the conventional tools become personal instruments used to transform loops of pure black-and-white frames into an immersive perceptual phenomenon.
Stroboscopic, abstract forms pulsing on the screen, slowly transform as additional, overlapping projectors create strange halos, odd 3D expansion and contraction. As more projectors are added, an intense sensory overload of light, noise and colour occurs.

Conducted by Floris Vanhoof (Antwerpen)
Media-archeologist, Floris Vanhoof, deliberately chooses analogue technology, not for nostalgic reasons, but because he wants to experiment with what once has been considered high-tech. His work also includes new technologies like microprocessors. Technology is not an end in itself but a means to explore new images, ideas and sounds in a poetic way.