Introduction Workshop Debrie contact printer

22.04.17 - 23.04.2017

Open to everyone. Recommended but not essential filmmaking skills (hand processing, shooting, projecting)

Instructor: Carole Thibaud, filmmaker, active Mire member.

A workshop to discover the magnificent and impressive machine housed in Mire’s lab and discover the multiple creative possibilities offered by the contact printer.

The Debrie Tipro step printer can produce 16mm to 16 mm contact prints (with sound) or 35mm to 16mm optical prints (silent prints).

Workshop programme:

  • General presentation of the machine an its possibilities
  • Simple image print from black and white negative
  • Image+sound print from 16mm
  • a light-hearted approach : loop copies, superimpositions, mix of sources, etc.
  • 35mm to 16 mm reduction.

This workshop follows on from the masterclass for members of Mire and LaborBerlin,  led by Franco Bosco and Rafael Marques from Cinemateca Portugesa . Carole, who will lead this workshop, attended this masterclass, will pass on the knowledge she acquired from Franco and Rafael.